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| 02. 12. 2014 | UPB object Skandion Clinic at Uppsala has been nominated for the Swedish Building of the Year Award

The purpose of the Swedish Building of the Year Award is to determine projects that have achieved the best indicators in terms of quality, collaboration, economy, and architecture. Projects applied for the nomination "Building of the Year 2015" have been completed in 2014. In the assessment of buildings, special attention will be drawn to whether the entire construction process (starting from the contracting authority, designers, and businessmen up to project implementers) has been flawless. The winner will be announced in March 2015.

Skandion Clinic will be the first proton therapy hospital in Northern Europe. The massive cement foundation of the hospital, as well as walls and covering are up to four metres thick so that radiation, which appears during medical therapy, would not get outside the premises of the hospital thereby causing threat to the surrounding environment.

UPB was responsible for the designing and construction of reinforced concrete and metal frame at Skandion Clinic.