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| 14. 08. 2014 | UPB Energy powerboat team showed excellent results at the Latvian Open Championship and European Championship in the JT250 powerboat class in Alūksne.

European Championship JT250, World Championship F4 and Latvian Open Championship stage took place in Alūksne on 9 and 10 August.

Nineteen participants from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia took part in the European Championship. UPB Energy team was represented by Niklāvs Parolis and Kristers Einiņš, achieving good results regardless of the fierce competition. Niklāvs finished the third.This year it is the fourth season for Niklāvs and the second competition at the European Championship. Last year the young driver was among the best five.

The winners in the fourth stage of the Latvian Open Championship were Uvis Lazarenoks in GT15 powerboat class, Māris Vasiļenskis in RN2000 powerboat class and Mārtiņš Bergholcs in S550 powerboat class. The second best result in O350 powerboat class was achieved by Ēriks Ķiepe – Ķipge, giving a way to his team member Oļegs Kutēpovs. Raimons Špacs in S550 powerboat class and Roberts Smirnovs in OSY400 powerboat class finished as the second. Jānis Zarečņevs was the third in T550 powerboat class.

In the team totals UPB Energy team was the best and ranked the first.

13 August 2014