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UPB AS is one of the leading industrial enterprises group in Latvia with 26 years of successful experience in both Latvian and foreign markets. UPB business areas are engineering, production, construction and sales.  UPB incorporates more than 40 viable, powerful and highly professional enterprises which are united in independently operating groups the largest among them being AILE group, MB Betons group, RK Metals group, UPB Energy group and UPB Nams group. The enterprises and their production facilities cover the whole territory of Latvia. The Holding includes subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belarus and Azerbaijan. Synergy among the holding companies, innovations and quality are a base for its stable growth during the years. The company acquired reliable partners in a number of EU and CIS countries. See more UPB AS structure and certificates.

The company continued steady progress in 2017, the objectives of company has been reached and significant growth in the number of projects achieved both overseas and in the Latvian market. The proportion of export projects and Latvian projects is 60/40. This indicates that the risk diversification strategy both geographically and in UPB represented industry perspective justifies itself and provides a solid growth of the company.


Latvian market is characterized by technologically complex projects, energy projects, environmental projects, engineering network projects, turnkey industrial projects, general construction. According to the demand of customers in Latvia UPB offers integrated solutions for idustrial infrastructure and network reconstruction, as well as projects to improve energy efficiency.


Internationally UPB offers engineering, production, delivery, assembly of Latvian-made prefabricated concrete, metal and glass, glazed aluminum, wooden - aluminum construction, active in the field of energy supply, installing and servicing cogeneration stations produced by UPB. More and more projects include all three components - concrete, metal and glass constructions. Market demand is growing for projects designed by the UPB Engineering center as all specialization engineers (metal, concrete, glazes design) are working together on projects.