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The energy agency ENNA is granted a licence on the manufacturing of thermal energy. At the moment, there is an alternative heat supply in the city and it functions in several UPB group’s heat objects
H&L STUDIJA wins the first prize during the competition The best construction materials seller 2004, this being the fifth time in succession H&L STUDIJA is one of the awarded companies
MB BETONS commences construction of a new prefabricated concrete plant in Liepāja
LOGU SERVISA CENTRS having an extensive sales network across Latvia merges with AILE group
AILE starts construction of a new aluminium and wood/aluminium production unit in Liepāja



AILE group enters into a partnership agreement with the Scandinavian construction group NCC Denmark, which specifies that AILE group is to be one of NCC’s general suppliers in the following three years
UPB receives the prize awarded by the Liepāja Council as the largest tax contributor to the municipality’s budget in 2004



UPB is awarded a prize as a major tax-payer to the state budget and as the largest value-added tax payer in 2004



A new AILE group’s export production unit is opened in Liepāja, which manufactures aluminium/wood structures AL COM by the Danish Protec’s licence
MB BETONS group German-Austrian joint venture semi-mobile, environment-friendly construction waste processing plant launches its operation



Competition held by the UPB education foundation Stabilitāte is completed by 14 students receiving a scholarship. In general, Stabilitāte has supported 34 youths, and the number of students at the moment is 29



Launch of construction of MB BETONS group’s ready-mix concrete plant TALSU MB, which means the 2nd stage of construction of ready-mix concrete plant network commences
AILE group enters into a broad cooperation contract on the supply of glass structures amounting to 6000-7000 m2 for the hospital Ahus in Norway, which was at the time the largest construction site in Norway on land
AILE group enters into a cooperation contract with a recognised Icelandic glass structures dealer Superbygg with regard to the regular supply of glass structures for the Icelandic market amounting to at least 1.2 million EUR per year
UPB becomes the general sponsor of gala concert of the band Līvi and the Liepāja symphony orchestra at the Daugava stadium in Liepāja, which was attended by several thousands of spectators
MB BETONS group launches quarrying activities. A new state-of-the-art mobile quarrying unit TEREX/SIMLAY starts operation. It is intended for the extraction of high-quality inert materials to be used in concrete production
Following the recertification audit carried out by BVQI, UPB NAMS receives ISO 140001: 2004 - international environment management standard and renews its certificates: ISO 9001:2000 (international quality management system standard) and OHAS 18001:1999 (international labour safety and professional health management standard)



According to the business daily’s Dienas Bizness TOP 500, UPB took the 36th place on the list of Latvian companies having submitted consolidated statements in 2004. Repeatedly UPB takes its place in the first ten among the country’s largest construction companies
Work at one of the major export objects abroad - Laugardal sports and exhibition complex in Reykjavik, Iceland - is completed. AILE group supplied and installed glass structures there, while RK METĀLS group supplied steel structures
AILE group commences expansion of the aluminium and wooden window manufacturing unit, thus acquiring an additional 2000m² for manufacturing facilities. A new insulating glass production line has been acquired as well as new manufacturing units have been acquired and existing ones have been modernised at the PVC production unit



RK METĀLS group and MB BETONS group enter into a cooperation contract with Skanska Sweden on the supply and installation of hollow-core covering slabs for the Visby Congress hall
RK METĀLS group signs a cooperation agreement with the company NCC Construction on the supply and installation of steel structures for the Scania Sweden technical centre, not far from Göteborg
UPB representation office in Riga at Basteja bulvāris 6/1 opens its doors. Its aim is facilitation and further cooperation with existing and potential business partners both in Latvia and abroad. The new office also comprises the UPB marketing department
The MB BETONS group’s new prefabricated concrete plant DZELZSBETONS MB commences operation in the test mode in Liepāja. It has the first automated wall slab manufacturing line in the Baltic States



UPB NAMS commissions a major object of the year - the administrative building of the Liepāja City and District Police Department
ARHITEKTA U.PĪLĒNA BIROJS completes design work of the experimental 3-storeyed 12-apartment building in Vidusceļa Street, Liepāja, during the construction of which prefabricated concrete elements from the new MB BETONS group’s plant DZELZSBETONS MB are used
UPB NAMS carries out modernisation of the Baltic States’ largest metal-working company Liepājas Metalurgs
A large UPB management conference is held, bringing together UPB companies’ and departments’ managers from throughout Latvia. This year, the their number exceeds fifty
UPB’s investments amount to b4.5 million Latvian lats this year, funds being mainly invested in the construction of new production units and modernisation of existing ones
AILE group’s company STIKLU CENTRS is granted a certificate of Dansk Technologic Institute (DTI), which certifies the compliance of the product with the requirements of the European Union according to the standard EN 1279
AILE group completes works on a major site abroad – Norsk Hydro office building in Oslo
ARHITEKTA U.PĪLĒNA BIROJS develops a design for a new H&L STUDIJAS shopping mall in Liepāja