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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 14. 05. 2015 | UPB returns to the Icelandic market with new engineering solutions

Along with the general improving of Icelands economic situation, also its construction sector revives, which opens new opportunities and challenges for strengthening UPB positions in this market.

UPB has performed assembling of wood-aluminium glazed structures in a project of two multi-apartment residential buildings Nordurbakki 7-9. UPB provided a complete industrial cycle — engineering technical solutions, manufacturing of structures, delivery with sea containers, assembly and service.

In six months, wood-aluminium glazed structures with the total area of 3,300 m2 were assembled, the height of constructions reached 2.6 m. After being joined together and with the corner structures they enclosed the facades of residential buildings resulting in a beautiful glazed facade. The size of UPBs largest wood-aluminium structures reached even 8 m2 and weighted 400 kg. Manufacturing and delivery of such large structures in one piece allows for the fulfilment of design and architects wishes, since the construction frames are not fixed together allowing retaining the attractiveness of the fine Scandinavian profile. It should be noted, however, that such one-piece structures are not very convenient for assembly. Therefore, UPBs project management team together with the supervising engineers had to find new solutions, thus proving their professionalism and ability to adapt to new conditions.

A singularity of this project is the glazed facade walls of apartments, which are not inserted into the concrete envelope but slightly projecting outside. In order to comply with this requirement, solution of construction forgings was used for supporting and strengthening the structures in the facade walls.

UPB engineers developed solutions tailored to this project to comply with the fire safety requirements of Iceland. In addition, it is also of great importance to assess the wind loads for constructions and glass, taking into account the conditions of this region and climate.Therefore, the construction depth of UPBs wooden construction frames and glass thickness is assessed individually for each project, taking into consideration the geographical condition of the particular region, dimensions of the building, and the characteristic wind strength.

According to the analysis of weather conditions, this winter in Iceland was known for the most changeable weather conditions over the last 15 years. This fact made the construction only more complicated — UPB had to encounter strong wind blasts, heavy rain, snow, frost, and sometimes everything at once. Separate regions in Iceland experienced also heavy flood, which actually is not very typical of this country and suggests only of the especially harsh winter this year.

Wood-aluminium structures are becoming only more and more popular in Iceland and UPB has earned the trust of local construction companies as a partner on which one can rely on in complicated projects with specific solutions.

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