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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 20. 12. 2012 | "BIG FISH" in Liepaja, Latvia [Latvijas Arhitektūra]

Long ago in the distant eighties of the previous century when Uldis Pilens was the conductor of Liepaja architecture life and promoter of post-modern quests that was completely new back then, I dared to denominate his signature as "rational "big fish" romanticism". Today author presents the construction project as the building of aesthetic constructivism hosting the lifestyle storehouse. "big fish" is located in the Southern part of Brivibas Street.


On the Southern part of 75 meters long object a 500 square meters large household courtyard is placed through which the delivery and maintenance takes place. The body situated parallel to Brivibas Street covers up the household courtyard from the glances of passer-bys. The main entrance faces the East, thus - on the first place it bespeaks those who enter the city from Riga side. Storehouse premises open opens up in the entire length and height to the visitor, besides dimensions are above 10m in height at the entrance part, and 6.5 m at the lowest sections.


"H&L Studija" is the first one to greet the newly arrived, offering tiles and AILE group windows and doors as well as blinds etc. that belongs to the assortment, further - color world of "Direct Paint Outlet", but in the further depth some part of the space is still unoccupied. One can make bulk purchases or retail, while presence of "Vina Studija" (Wine Studio) could favor the pace of the second thoughts and negotiations. Two-storey "house in a house" - partially under the high storehouse roof, partially outside - UPB engineer bureau with 20 work places, offices of storehouse workers, personnel premises and small hall for meetings or seminaries - is located.


It is clear that putting the "big fish" in the category of "alternative architecture" patterns is firstly dictated by plastics and materiality of the object - storehouse has sloping parallelepipeds seemingly "thrust" into each other to make a composition in whose largest and most translucent element in Southern part a contrastingly dense bureau - staff premises block with square windows network and wooden finish it is pushed in.


In the complex offer of building`s self-advertisement strategy, besides the convincing power of architecture and construction, also the method of UPB, applied already in Pulvera Street industrial park facilities` arrangement - outsize inscriptions on elevations, is doing its part but in the entrance side they inform also about working hours. Block of classically laconic letters with added dimensions right above the main entrance lines the name of the object but the main "tip" of "big fish" is dimensional night lighting, technical performance of which, no doubt, would spark up interest in light specialists, while the colorfulness and the magical glow just cheer up anyone.



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