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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 31. 07. 2007 | In the first half of the year, UPB holding’s consolidated net turnover was estimated at LVL 34,900,000

UPB holding’s (UPB) consolidated net turnover in the first half of 2007 amounted to 34,900,000, which means an increase by 78% compared with the first half of the year 2006. In 2006, the total consolidated net turnover was LVL 52,600,000, which is an increase by 35% compared with the year 2005.

A growth in the turnover was greatly enhanced by the activities in the export markets, implementation of major projects abroad, where clients were offered the design, delivery and assembly of steel structures, prefabricated concrete and glass structures manufactured by the holding’s companies. This year, several large projects have been completed in Norway: the Fredrikstad stadium, the Sandenfjord stadium, a residential house complex in Arendal; in Denmark – the Royal Library in Copenhagen, the shopping centre Ostbrocentret; in Iceland - Hraunvalla school, in Sweden - multi-apartment complex Brunneby-Hälla etc. Operation in Norway is going on at such projects and the oil platform technology plant and the shopping centre Kophollen, the multifunctional complex Trim Tower in Stavanger; in Sweden - the waste recycling plant Tidaholm Brenslen, the packaging plant CC Pack, Putten shopping centre in Stockholm; in Denmark - the Ostbrogrunden multifunctional complex in Copenhagen etc. An agreement was signed on the delivery and assembly of steel and prefabricated concrete structures within a large project in Sweden: Pedagogikum University in Uppsala.

The major projects of UPB NAMS in Latvia at the moment are: construction of a new Užavas beer production unit, designing and construction of the second stage of the DALP (Friendly Appeal Liepāja City) Secondary school No. 5, renovation of the Liepāja city water supply and sewerage system as well as the construction of sports palaces (ice arenas) in Madona, Talsi, Priekule and Liepāja (Liepāja Olympic Centre).

In accordance with the 2007 strategic plan, a substantial development is taking place in all UPB company groups. 10 million Latvian lats have been invested this year, which are mainly placed in exports development, construction of new production units, expansion and modernisation of the existing chain of production units.

At present, AILE group continues its construction operation with the glass structures production unit Glass Centre (Stiklu Centrs) in Liepāja. The plant is to be commissioned and its operation is to start in early September. The 1st stage of construction of AILE group’s PVC, aluminium and glass structures production unit Glass Centre (Stiklu Centrs) was launched in Daugavpils in early August. It is planned that the plant operation is launched in spring 2008.

By way of expanding the chain of ready-mix concrete production units across Latvia, MB BETONS group is preparing to erect 4 new ready-mix concrete production units in Saldus, Ventspils, Rēzekne and Ādaži. At present, the SALDUS MB plant is under construction, while design work on VENTSPILS MB, ĀDAŽU MB and RĒZEKNES MB is underway. The erection of SALDUS MB plant is to start in September 2007, while the construction of the other three plants is to be launched at the end of the year. While expanding its concrete production plants, the company is operating in the sector of inert materials. It has been establishing a chain of gravel quarries and working on building refuse recycling. In 2007, it is intended to establish new companies in the region of Vidzeme. In 2007, MB BETONS started the manufacture of a new product - prefabricated concrete structures and operates with the development of a new series of prefabricated concrete houses, which are in demand in Latvia and in export markets. Projects carried out in Ogre and Liepāja have proved a success.

UPB’s international structural unit UPB ENERGY group is active in continuing operation in the sector of energy. The new production unit in Liepāja has fully completed the assembly of 2 cogeneration stations (140 kW and 90 kW), while new modules of different power characteristics are being tested. At present, a container-type 140 kW cogeneration station for the Liepāja hospital is being assembled. 3 engines have been received from Germany in order to start the manufacture of 2 biogas-operated cogeneration stations and 1 natural gas-operated cogeneration stations. While developing the models manufactured in Liepāja, UPB ENERGY group’s German company UPB GmbH service specialists - practitioners’ advice and a long-lasting experience are taken into consideration. UPB GmbH continues its striving operation in the sector of cogeneration station service in Germany, the number of service sites across its territory has now exceeded 150.

The upgraded plant of RK METĀLS group in Grobiņa, the total area of which following modernisation is 13,700 m2 and where state-of-the-art European technologies are in place, enable the plant to the only one in Latvia to manufacture and offer products being of special demand in the Scandinavian countries - sections of various complexity and configuration with broadest application opportunities, which enable to make building overlaps with a unique structure intended for the specific site only. In 2007, RK METĀLS group started to offer standartised metal hangars, which are broadly used in agriculture and in some other business sectors.

During 16 years of its operation, AS UPB holding has created 31 companies and production units, which are joined in independently operating company groups: AILE group, MB BETONS group, UPB NAMS group, RK METĀLS group, UPB ENERGY group, H&L studija, Štein lifti, Arhitekta U.Pīlēna birojs etc. The number of persons presently employed with AS UPB holding exceeds 1400.

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