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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 25. 10. 2006 | UBP consolidated net turnover over 9 months of 2006, has reached LVL 35.8 million

UBP consolidated net turnover over 9 months of 2006, has reached LVL 35.8 million, exceeding the last years results of the same period by 24%. In 2005, the total consolidated turnover of UBP holding made up LVL 39 million, exceeding, in turn, the results of 2004 by 64%.
The increase of net UBP sales has been largely promoted by export activities and acquisition of new markets through offering a complex design, supply and installation solutions of the manufactured precast concrete, glass and aluminium structures.
The strategic objective of the holding is to ensure about 40% of the total turnover from export market activities over the coming three, four years; a purposeful adjustment of export, production, finances, marketing and personnel policies both, in terms of production capacity and increase of export as well as increase of competitiveness going on at this moment is targeted at implementation of the said objective. Over the first 9 months of this year, the largest UPB exports were absorbed first by Iceland, second, by Norway and Sweden.
This year, UBP enterprises were involved with important construction objects overseas, mainly in Scandinavia, supplying and installing steel, precast concrete and glass construction structures. Construction objects like „Eskjo” hospital,, Astra Tech” commercial centre, congress/concert  halls in Visby, Morning paper „Morgunbladid” Offices in Iceland, complex of residential houses in Arendal, Norway were commissioned this year. Construction works of the Royal Library „Det Kongelige Bibliotek” and shopping centre „Ostbrocentret” in Denmark, Hospital in Trondheim and sports stadium in Fredrikstad,  the largest terrestrial construction object in Norway – „Ahus” hospital, as well as of other significant construction objects  are ongoing.
Totally In 2006, LVL 4.5 million were channelled as investments into building exports, development of new  and modernization of the existing construction facilities providing opportunity to place new, technologically more complex products on the market.
Re-construction works are carried on at the new large-scale production unit of RK METĀLS Group in Grobiņa, allowing increasing the production capacities by approximately 250 t a month. It is planned to commission the production unit by the end of the year, obtaining additional 1700 m2 of production area. It will be supplied with latest state-of-the-art automated equipment: plasma gas automatic cutting table, automatic welding line and profile bending press from sheet steel up to 6 mm thick, securing higher precision and product quality.
The newly established structure of UPB Holding: international company UPB ENERGY group which is a long-term strategic project of the holding in the field of designing, production and servicing of energy production facilities is making a good progress gradually capturing a market share in Western Europe. At the start of September, Office of UPB ENERGY „UBP gmbh” and two service points were opened in Berlin. At the same time, ENNA  combined heat and power (CHP) unit production facility is being built in Liepāja Industrial Park at Pulvera street. At this point, the design and development of ENNA CHP production unit technological equipment is carried out by joint efforts of Latvian and German experts. The production unit of area size 1243 m2 will be commissioned at the end of the year.
By its active work, the second AILE group production unit of glass and aluminium structures inaugurated this summer in Liepāja at Industrial Park of Pulvera street will allow the enterprise to increase its production capacity by 50%.
Large-scale export projects are carried out also by the new production facility in Liepāja DZELZBETONS MB of MB BETONS Group for which the 4th part was completed this summer enabling the manufacture of complete set of construction elements for public, industrial and residential buildings.
MB BETONS group has started the establishment of gravel quarry network over the whole country. Expanding activities in Latgale region, the group has obtained the aggregates acquisition and processing facility in Daugavpils currently re-named as Aggregates Service Latgale.
Over 15 years of operation, AS UPB Holding, has established 31 enterprises united in independently operating groups:  AILE group, MB BETONS group, RK METĀLS group, UPB ENERĢIJA group, NAMS UPB group, H&L studija, Arhitekta U.Pīlēna birojs, etc. Currently, the holding employs over 1400 people.
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