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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 10. 08. 2006 | In the first half of 2006 JSC UPB holding’s consolidated net turnover has reached 19,6 million lats

In the first half of 2006, JSC UPB consolidated net turnover has reached 19,6 million lats, which is 18% more than in the first half of  2005. In 2005, the total JSC UPB holding’s consolidated net turnover was 39 million lats, which was 68% higher than in 2004.
The increase in turnover has been highly affected by activities in the export market, where clients are offered steel structures, reinforced concrete and glazed structures design, delivery and assembling from companies of the holding. The achieved export results have been analyzed and summarized in the end of July at the yearly UPB holding export conference, in which the management of the company took part, as well as the export department specialists, lawyers, financiers and other representatives from the department who are related to export issues. The goal of the conference was to discuss the export results from 2005, share the experience between the export group products, analyze problems, as well as to define strategic goals and tasks. The goal of the holding is to ensure around 40% from the total holding turnover with work abroad in the following 3, 4 years. In order to gain this proportion, currently the export, production, finance and marketing politics are being purposefully subordinated.
In this half of the year UPB holding companies have continued to work on objects in a few foreign countries, mainly in Scandinavia, where they have delivered and placed steel, precast concrete or glazed structures. This year work has been completed for congress/concert halls in Visbia, morning newspaper’s “Morgunbladid” office building in Iceland, “Scania” workshop in Goteborg. Work continues on the commerce center “Astra Tech” in Sweden, apartment houses “Brunneby/Halla” in Sweden, royal library “Det Kongelige Bibliotek” in Denmark, shopping center “Ostbrocentret” in Denmark and other significant objects. The order for a big complex in Norway-Trondheimas hospital, has just been confirmed.
Continuing the commenced export activities, this year a new UPB structure UPB ENERGY has been developed and as a result the holding has registered a subsidiary company in Germany (UPB Gmbh) and in Switzerland (UPB AS Gmbh). ENNA in Latvia is also part of this group.
“We are planning to enter the power industry sector, unifying  three factors – Swiss competence, German market and Latvian lower production costs. This is a long term strategic project and its goal is to design, produce and provide service for power technique devices,” explains AS UPB president U. Pīlēns.
Also in Latvia the positions are being strengthened in both, the amounts produced and built, as well as in technology and investments. In 2006 it is planned to use around 4,5 million lats for investments, which is mainly planned for development of export, building of new production units and modernizing the existing ones. As the production amount increases, in autumn last year the works begun and in summer this year were completed on building AILE group’s second glass and aluminium constructions production unit on Pulvera street’s industrial park territory in Liepāja. This will help the company to increase production amount by 50%. The building of the 4th part of the new MB BETONS group’s production unit in Liepāja has also been completed. As a result, the production unit can ensure complete architectural element sets manufacturing for public, industrial and residential buildings.
RK METĀLS group is currently carrying out and at the end of this year will complete a very significant modernization. The result of this will be extra production area of around 1700 m2. New technologies produced in Europe – computerized cutting table with plasmic and gas burners, computerized welding line and press will increase production capacity and will give a chance to be the only producers in Latvia of new kinds of production – summer that are well-known and recognized in Scandinavia and precast concrete panels will be supported on them.
This year JSC UPB holding celebrated its 15 years of duration. In this period of time 31 companies and production units have been established, that are combined in their own company groups: AILE group, MB BETONS group, NAMS UPB group, RK METĀLS group, UPB ENERGY group, H&L studio, Arhitekta U. Pīlēna birojs, and others.
JSC UPB holding group is currently employing more that 1400 people.
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