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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 19. 02. 2007 | Consolidated net turnover of AS UPB holding amounts to LVL 52,600,000, which is an increase of 35% compared with the year 2005

Consolidated net turnover of AS UPB holding (UPB) reached LVL 52,600,000, which is an increase of 35% compared with the year 2005 (LVL 39,000,000). The holding’s profits in 2006 is preserved in proportion to the last year’s volumes.

The increase of the UPB turnover was substantially enhanced by the exports activities, implementation of major projects on foreign markets, offering a complex solution in the design, manufacture, logistics and assembly of prefabricated concrete, glass, aluminium and steel structures.

The proportion of the holding’s exports in the total turnover in the year 2006 was 21%. A strategic goal is within the coming three or four years to have this proportion increased up to 40% of the holding’s total turnover thanks to the operation abroad. In order to make it come true, manufacturing and management capacities are now subjected to this goal.

In 2006, UPB companies operated with the major sites abroad, mainly in the Scandinavian countries, where steel, prefabricated concrete and glass structures are delivered and assembled. Operation was completed on the office building of the publishing house Morgundbladid, the yacht sale and service centre Ellingsen and Hraunvalla school in Reykjavik, Iceland; Visby congress/concert hall, Eksjo hospital and commercial centre Astra Tech in Sweden; a residential house complex in Arendal, the Fredrikstad stadium in Norway as well as Nyvej apartment house complex in Denmark. At present, operation is underway at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Ostbrocentret shopping centre in Denmark, the hospital in Trondheim, Norway, the largest land object in Norway – Ahus hospital and other significant projects.

UPB’s strategic goal in 2007 provides for a serious development in all UPB’s groups. LVL 10,000,000 worth investments have been made this year, mainly in exports development, construction of new production units, expansion and modernisation of the existing chain of production units.

UPB’s strategic goal in the year 2007 provides for serious development plans in all company groups. The planned total volume of investments this year is LVL 9,000,000, which will mainly be used in exports development, construction of new plants and modernisation of existing plants.

In the year 2007, MB BETONS group plans to open four new ready-mix production units and continue gravel quarry development chain across Latvia.

AILE group plans to develop the operation of AILE R in the Latgale region by opening a new plant in Daugavpils. The plans for the year 2007 also include the construction of a new Glass Centre production unit in Liepāja.
RK METĀLS group continues a large-scale modernisation of the production unit in Grobiņa, Liepāja district, which is to increase its capacity by 250 tons per month.

UPB’s international structural unit UPB ENERGY group with companies in Germany (UPB Gmbh), Switzerland (UPB AS Gmbh) continue their active operation, struggling for their place on the Western European market. The group also includes the energy company ENNA in Latvia, which launched the manufacture of cogeneration equipment in the newly opened production unit in Liepāja.

As UPB NAMS group was expanding its operation in Latvia’s regions, the construction company GROTTA was established in Valmiera, which operates as a branch of the construction company in the region of Vidzeme.

During its 15 years of operation, UPB has founded 31 companies and production units, which are joined in independent company groups: AILE group, MB BETONS group, RK METĀLS group, UPB ENERĢIJA group, NAMS UPB group, H&L studija, Arhitekta U.Pīlēna birojs etc. The number of persons employed with AS UPB holding currently exceeds 1400.

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