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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 11. 06. 2008 | National Powerboat Racing Youth Team to be Formed

The Latvian Open Championship Powerboat Races’ season 2008 will be launched on 15 June 15 with a racing event in the centre of Liepāja. This season is bound to be a breaking point for the development this kind of sports in Latvia. Asserting the long-term vision of powerboat racing, the teams this year have registered the record number of pilots in the history of the Latvia Championship, furthermore, the Latvian Water Motor Sport Federation has started to form a national youth team. Mārtiņš Morozs, a nominee for the National Team and one of the most celebrated young pilots on his turn, has already been awarded the title Champion of Europe, after the event in Liepāja will take off to fight for the same title in the World Youth Championship held for the first time in the history of powerboat races.


Modris Kalnciems, President, Latvian Water Motor Sport Federation, emphasizes that powerboat races have good future prospects in Latvia and future will be in the hands of young athletes. The main objectives to be reached by the Federation and clubs for successful development of the existing potential of the young and talented pilots have been set. One of the current priorities of the Federation is the national youth crack team of powerboat racers the formation of which will be started already this year. At this stage, the young pilots participate the European and World Cups within their respective teams. Additional attention will be paid to set up well-considered training schedules and contest plan.
Right now 47 pilots have been registered for the Latvian Open Championship of Powerboat Races, including 14 pilots of the youth class. Mārtiņš Morozs, a 15 years old member of   UPB ENERGY team last year became the European Champion and this June he will take part in the first Youth World Championship in Poland. Mārtiņš is one of the young pilots who thanks to their sporting vigour and the perfection intention have reached very high results. The 16 years old Artūrs Brolīts, on his turn, recently got the 6th place in the World Championship class S550.


„Latvian Open Championship is one of the most important powerboat racing events in Latvia. It is a valuable input into both, the sports life of Latvia and the regions where the events are run gathering large crowds of spectators and supporters. The formation of a youth team is a highly welcome and supportable incentive”, underlines Edgars Šneps, Deputy State Secretary of Sports Issues, Ministry of Education and Science.


This year, the Championship will be run in 5 series: in Liepāja, Aizkraukle, Alūksne, Jelgava and Jūrmala. Alūksne series combined with one of the F2 European Championship Series should be noted as especially important.


Liepāja series under the title UPB ENERGY Cup 2008 will happen for the first time right in the centre of town, in Tirdzniecības canal. The official opening ceremony will take place at 12.45 p.m. and at 13.00 sharp the first takeoff will be launched in class JT-250 for young pilots from 10 to 16 years of age. The successive takeoffs will include classes T-550, S-550 as well as class RN-2000 (together with FR1000), while Formula 2 pilots will be the last to start. There will be 3 runs in each class the results being summed up in a final result.


Oskars Mors, Vice-president of UPB Holding, the head sponsor of the team UPB ENERGY, emphasizes that the last years’ achievement and enterprise of the team has served as a good example in reaching the common goal: a rapid development of the youth sports. „UPB Holding is a socially active company of high responsibility. We certainly think that sports activities help to create the team spirit and promote the overall healthy lifestyle which is a largely sensitive issue in the context of youth. UPB, currently transforming into an international holding has its roots in Liepāja, therefore supporting the incentive of the prize-winning athletes of Liepāja by forming UPB ENERGY Team and supporting the Liepāja series of the Latvian Championship on long-term basis is quite natural,” says O. Mors, adding that UPB ENERGY Team incorporated many young talents.

Today, on 11 June, the Latvian Water Motor Sport Federation (LŪMSF) official website www.lumsf.lv is launched. It provides topical information on the Latvian Championship, team lists, the most interesting video clips from different events and general information on powerboat racing.


LŪMSF has been founded in 1993. The objective of the Federation is promotion of powerboat racing in Latvia, paying special attention to involvement of youth. One of the tasks of Federation is organization of national and international powerboat races, ensuring a high quality program of the events and good recreation opportunities for spectators.


Information provided by:

Andrejs Sviķis,
Press Secretary

Latvian Water Motor Sport Federation
GSM: 28652677
e-mail: andrejs@lumsf.lv


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