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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 22. 05. 2008 | Piezīmes [Notes] On 23 May at 17.00, the exhibition of paintings entitled Vilnis Zābers

23 May at 17.00 in Gallery of UPB – an Exhibition of Paintings to be opened entitled Vilnis Zābers. Piezīmes [Notes]

On 23 May at 17.00, the exhibition of paintings entitled Vilnis Zābers. Piezīmes to be opened in the Art Gallery of UPB Holding at 19 Dzintaru iela in Liepāja. It features drawings and graphics as well as videos filmed both, at the start of nineties of the last century and in 2003, where friends of the painter shared their memories of Vilnis (video created by Asnate Rībena).


Vilnis Zābers (1963–1994) is one of the legends of Latvian conceptual art of the eighties and nineties of the last century. He had a strikingly wide range of the art media: painting, graphic art drawing, art installations, drawings, cartoons and even writing, however it was all crowned by the most ingenious work of art: the lifestyle of Vilnis Zābers where everything was integrated starting from his self image to carefully developed subtleties of behaviour.


With precision of a sensitive seismograph, the self-made eccentric dandy of Vilnis Zābers fixed the vibrations of his epoch and reacted to them. Normally he produced a drawing a day. The numerous drawings provide the straightest insight into movements of his thought. The network of subtle lines creates characters reminding of images by Bosch and Breghel, trying to bring out the most characteristic features of the crowd and his contemporaries. The creative energy of Zābers manifests itself in countless forms starting from meticulously planned and presented works up to casual touches of the pencil, scarcely eligible texts and poems on the paper margins.


The exhibition will take place from 23 May to 24 June.

D. Rudzāte. Vilnis Zābers / Sketch. 2003. No. 6
S. Krese. Mūsu laika varonis [Hero of our time] / Par Vilni Zāberu [On Vilnis Zābers]. 2003


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