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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 

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| 25. 01. 2008 | In 2007, the consolidated net turnover of the Holding reached 78 million LVL exceeding the same indicator of 2006 by 48%

In 2007, the consolidated net turnover of the Holding reached 78 million LVL exceeding the same indicator of 2006 by 48% (52.6 million LVL). In 2007, over 10 million LVL have been invested in construction of new production facilities, renovation of the existing units and development of export.

Production events of 2007:


High-scale investments have been made in all larger groups of companies of UPB Holding targeted at expansion of production facilities and development of industrial parks: in 2007, BM BETONS Group has built two new ready mix concrete production units SALDUS MB, RĒZEKNES MB, while VENTSPILS MB and ĀDAŽU MB production units are currently under construction and purchased a new prefabricated concrete plant envisaged to be built on the outskirts of Riga. AILE Group has commissioned a glassed structures’ production unit Stiklu Centrs [Glass Centre] in Liepāja forming the fourth stage of the Liepāja Industrial Park. The 1st stage of construction of AILE group’s PVC, aluminium and glass structures production unit Stiklu Centrs [Glass Centre] was launched in Daugavpils in early August. It is planned that the plant operation is launched in spring 2008.
In 2007, development of new products and production for the local and export markets continued: standard hangars of RK METĀLS Group, HOWAL prefabricated concrete formwork systems, UPB standard prefabricated concrete houses, standard co-generation plant models of UPB ENERGY Group, aluminium/glass structures – façade elements and other products.


Export events of 2007:

In the field of exports, the year 2007 has been unequivocally productive for UPB Holding.
It was the first year of operation for the newly established export department of UPB Holding.
Establishment of the UPB daughter companies in Denmark and Iceland was another important event for development of exports.
Last year, UPN took part in several large overseas projects, offering complex solutions to its customers consisting of two or three product groups, including design, transportation and assemblage.
Several significant construction projects have been started in 2007: Fredrikstad sports stadium and Sandenfjord sports stadium in Norway, Ostbrocentret, and a multi-apartment and office complex in Copenhagen, Denmark. Construction work is continued at a large-scale site of Pedagogikum University in Upsala, Tidaholm Brenslen waste processing plant, CC Pack packaging plant and the Putten shopping mall in Stockholm, Sweden, an oil platform technologies plant, Kophollen trade centre and Trim Tower multi-functional complex in Stavanger, Norway as well as Tryggvagata apartment house, a housing complex at Nordurbakki 11-13 in Iceland and other sites.


In 2007, we have attracted many new overseas customers and consolidated co-operation with our regular clients implementing large-scale construction projects.


Events of 2007 in the field of UPB ENERGY:


The year 2007, has proved most significant for UPB ENERGY Group. It was the first year of operation for the German company resulting in turnover of 3 million EUR considered a very promising indicator given the overcrowded German co-generation market. 21 prototypes of gas-operated co-generation plants have been developed according to the technical design of German engineers. 2007 brought success also to exportation of co-generation plants assembled at Liepāja to Great Britain and Ireland. At the time of high energy prices, co-generation plants present a good opportunity of better use and saving of resources, including money.
UPB ENERGY Group participated AGRITECHNICA 2007 in Hannover, the largest agricultural exhibition in the World featuring bio energy sector.


The largest construction sites of 2007 commissioned in Latvia

Many important buildings have been commissioned over the last year in Latvia as well as a number of buildings is currently under construction, as, for instance, the new production unit of Užavas alus darītava [Užava beer brewery], sports arenas at Talsi Secondary School No.2, Talsi Primary School as well as Madona, Ludza and Grobiņa, Liepāja Olympic Sports Arena, CSDD [Road Transport Safety Office] building in Madona, air base in Ludza, a standard prefabricated concrete multi-apartment housing complex in Ogre at Mednieku street and a standard prefabricated concrete apartment house in Liepāja at Vidusceļa street, etc.


Over 17 years of operation, more than 35 companies and production facilities have been created united in independently working groups of companies: AILE Group, MB BETONS Group, RK METĀLS Group, UPB ENERGY Group, NAMS UPB Group, H&L studija, Arhitekta U.Pīlēna birojs etc. At this point, UPB Holding employees more than 1600 people.


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