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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 





The resignation of the founder of UPB Holding Uldis Pilens from the position of the Chair of Board and handing over of the reins to the next generation nursed within the company has provoked a strong response in the city this week. In search for reasons, various guesses and versions have been stated. The attention paid is even greater because also U. Pilens companion Mr Oskars Mors has left the Board of the company. Placing U. Pilens in the limelight this week, we dare guessing that this could be his next long-range strategy — to keep the finger on Holding’s pulse from the position of Chair of the Council.

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Uldis Pilens and Oskars Mors, founders of UPB Holding, which is one of the leading industrial enterprises groups in Latvia on the peak of its success and achievements, today, 9th February, passed the baton to the new generation of managers. After leaving the operative management of the company, they both will focus on working at the Supervisory Board of UPB Holding. Normunds Horsts, the current Chairman of the Management Board of MB Betons, which is one of the enterprises incorporated in UPB Holding, has also joined the Supervisory Board.

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UPB is the only Latvian company that has managed to get into the final and received Ruban d’Honneur award in the competition European Business Awards 2014/2015, which is organised already for 8 years. This year a total of 24,000 companies from 33 European countries participated in the competition. Winners of Ruban d’Honneur award were chosen by 132 jury members representing both managers of international companies, former leaders of several countries, and academicians from universities in Europe.

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Uldis Pīlēns, the head of the UPB holding, was born in 1956; he obtained the architectural engineering diploma at the Weimar Academy of Architecture and Construction. The concept of the Liepāja Special Economic Zone was developed at the initiative of U. Pīlēns. For his contribution in cooperation between Sweden and Latvia, he was awarded one of the highest honours of the of the Kingdom of Sweden: the Order of the Polar Star, Knight 1st Class.

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Working on strengthening its positions in the Swedish market, UPB was admitted to the Swedish Construction Federation (Sveriges Byggindustrier) on 1 January 2015. As a full-fledged member of the Swedish Construction Federation, UPB is now able to keep more regular track of the current trends in the Swedish construction market and, if necessary, is provided with professional legal assistance in issues related to the labour law.

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