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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 





An extract from the “Dienas Bizness” article “It is too much for each one separately, and too little — for everyone put together” (Katram atsevišķi – daudz, kopā – maz)


UPB and Skonto Būve, for which foreign markets are traditionally a significant area of business activities, continue working for exports. In the recent years, UPB Holding has maintained its 60:40 ratio between foreign and local markets. This year, this proportion may shift a little, as export markets are predicted to grow faster than the local market. However, the goal is to keep this ratio, therefore there are no plans to lower the company’s activities on the local market. “Owing to our dedicated and timely strategic actions, UPB export markets still have potential for growth,” the UPB Chairman of the Board, Dainis Berzins said.

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On 17 April, the Chairman of the Board Mr Dainis Berzins and Member of the Board Mr Ugis Grinbergs represented the Holding in the final stage of the prestigious European Business Awards in London. Read more


“To find the essence of certain matters, understand and analyse different interconnections. To try to do the thing I am best at and obtain fruition through the balance between different aspects of life,” said Karlis Miculis about his life motto. Read more


The list of companies, which have to conduct energy audit until the end of the year, made up by the Ministry of Economics, is botched and even includes companies that have bankrupted. Moreover, businesspeople surveyed by DB indicated that normative documents in relation to application of the European Directive were not completely developed. Nobody is against energy efficiency, however, there is no guarantee that companies, which have implemented saving in practice, would comply with the formal requirements as well.

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Last year UPB paid 4.95 million euro in taxes, according to information provided by the State Revenue Service. Therefore the company obtained the leading position among the largest taxpayers in the construction industry in Latvia. Read more

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