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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 





The medal was awarded to only best 10 companies within the category. This award recognises organisations that can demonstrate a continuously positive trend in the export/import of goods and services, demonstrate the expansion of coverage in new markets and, through the introduction of innovative operational processes, show robustness in managing and developing trade volumes, and improving market position.

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UPB Holding managed to rank in the 109th place, which is the highest result of the company in this top so far. The Reputation Top assesses the standing of companies also by several sectors, and we are proud to announce that UPB Holding is the leader of the category “Construction and Real Estate”, in which 12 Latvian companies were included in total

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Along with the general improving of Icelands economic situation, also its construction sector revives, which opens new opportunities and challenges for strengthening UPB positions in this market. Read more


The construction sector is booming and the demand for building materials is on the increase, especially imports of prefabricated pre-cast concrete products. The most efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transport of these products is by sea.

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An extract from the “Dienas Bizness” article “It is too much for each one separately, and too little — for everyone put together” (Katram atsevišķi – daudz, kopā – maz)


UPB and Skonto Būve, for which foreign markets are traditionally a significant area of business activities, continue working for exports. In the recent years, UPB Holding has maintained its 60:40 ratio between foreign and local markets. This year, this proportion may shift a little, as export markets are predicted to grow faster than the local market. However, the goal is to keep this ratio, therefore there are no plans to lower the company’s activities on the local market. “Owing to our dedicated and timely strategic actions, UPB export markets still have potential for growth,” the UPB Chairman of the Board, Dainis Berzins said.

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