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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 





From 12 october till 12 december exhibition of Frančeska Kirke Museum transit take place in UPB Gallery. ‘’Museum is a theme that stimulates me for 7 years. That started in New York with an exhibition Impossible meetings and continued in two more exhibitions in New York. Before that there was an exhibition in gallery Bastejs with a title Restoration, which was dedicated to museum spirit, golden frames, dark varnished surfaces and restoration process. I thought that after the exhibition in National Museum of Art in year 2002 there will be no ideas left for work in that direction, but I am still returning to this theme in year 2007” says painter. Read more

The competition held by the UPB education foundation STABILITĀTE has closed with the awarding of grants for the academic year 2007/2008. This year, STABILITĀTE’s grants have been awarded to 27 new students. Among the awardees, the most popular programs were engineering studies; the awardees were students of business, economics and other program. The students mainly study at Latvian colleges and universities, but this autumn, a few of STABILITĀTE’s grant recipients also started their studies in Denmark and the UK. During the five years, the Foundation has given grants to the total of 76 students, 50 of those still continue receiving this support. Read more


In early September the first Students’ Day held by the UPB’s Education Foundation STABILITĀTE in Liepāja gathered over 40 recipients of STABILITĀTE grants. Read more


Over a half of all professionals of Germany-based UPB GmbH (a part of UPB ENERGY group), arrived in Latvia for a three-day stay, during which they visited UPB ENERGY’s plants and offices. Read more


UPB ENERGY team confidently won the Latvian Cup. For the fourth year running Latvia’s most important award in power boat races in team classification became known at the last stage that took place in Jūrmala, the city having already become traditional for the last stage. Read more

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