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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 



UPB Energy, the producer of  cogeneration plants has completed installation of a biogas-fired cogeneration plant in Vecauce, Latvia, and has exported two cogeneration plants to USA and  Great Britain. Read more
Two important export projects have been completed at the UPB ENERGY production facility of UPB Holding: 2 gas-powered co-generation plants have been shipped to Great Britain and a transaction has been concluded with the company EDINA from the State of Texas, USA on selling a biogas-powered cogeneration plant. The natural gas-powered cogeneration plant installed in Liepāja Hospital at the beginning of this year is operating successfully; the production facility continues the production of 4cylinder cogeneration plants and is about to start the production of 3-8 cylinder cogeneration plants. Alongside with that an 8 cylinder biogas-fired cogeneration plant is being produced to be installed in Vecauce – the first agricultural site for a cogeneration plant in Latvia. Read more
On Sunday in Tirdzniecības Canal the 1st event of The Latvian Open Championship in Powerboat Racing was held, drawing several hundreds of spectators. The pilots of the UPN ENERGY Team, cheered by their many fans, produced good results. Last year, the Liepāja series of the Open Championship were run in Tosmare Canal. Read more
UPB was awarded as one of the three biggest tax payers in Kurzeme, honored also SIA Dzelzsbetons MB Liepāja. Read more


On 11 June, in the premises of UPB Representative Office in Riga, Latvian Water Motor Sport Federation ran a press conference to mark the opening of  the Latvian Open Powerboat Racing Championship 2008. The participants speaking to the mass media were Modris Kalnciems, President of  Latvian Water Motor Sport Federation, Oskars Mors, Vicepresident of UPB Holding, Edgars Šneps, Deputy State Secretary in Sports Issues, MES, Mārtiņš Morozs, pilot of UPB ENERGY Team and Champion of Europe for Juniors and Ēriks Ķiepe-Kipge, captain of UPB ENERGY Team, World Champion. Read more

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