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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 





"The Red Jackets" movement has announced Latvias 25 best exporting brands, the business information portal Nozare.lv learned during the award ceremony yesterday, cites LETA. Read more


Liepāja municipal company SIA "Liepajas ūdens" has been successfully implementing the project "Development of water handling facilities in Liepāja" split into several stages for a long time. It is performing the restoration and transformation of the city water supply system both in the city and also in other territories covered by the water handling facilities. The construction of a new outlet of treated waste water located 100 metres South of the existing outlet of waste water treatment facilities of “Liepajas ūdens” is planned during the 3rd stage. Its length equals 1290 metres. Read more

| 11. 03. 2013 | UPB NEWS 2013 / Nr.1

JSC UPB net revenue is 76.4 million in 2012. Increase of JSC UPB net revenue is up to 32% compared to 2011.


UPB Holding consolidate net revenue is 95 million in 2012. The proportion of international projects to Latvian projects is 60% to 40%.


The amount of signed contracts in January 2013 is up to 30 % compared with January 2012.

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Joint-stock industrial company UPB achieved EUR 76.4 million (LVL 53.5 million) in turnover in 2012, a 32% increase on 2011, the company informed LETA/Nozare.lv.


On the other hand, UPB Holding consolidated unaudited turnover amounted to EUR 95 million (LVL 66.5 million) in 2012

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| 22. 01. 2013 | UPB ART / MĀKSLA

The exhibition will be on view at the Museum of Liepaja from January 18 to February 24.

The UPB art collection, being a collection of contemporary art, expresses the primary aspiration of giving a personal insight into that realm of artistic values which is developing right here, in our presence. It is a new collection, little more than a decade old, going back to late 2002, when regular exhibitions commenced at the UPB offices in Liepāja, and when the first works were purchased. UPB Chairman of the Board Uldis Pīlēns reminds us in the introduction to the catalogue: “We’re not collectors of the classic kind. This means that we’re not putting together our collection on the basis of very precise, consciously developed principles, but the emotional component is very important in forming this collection. Essentially, this collection is an extension of our own hearts, how we subjectively view the world, how we perceive the values around us, created by our own contemporaries. How we line them up. It’s not always the largest tree in the forest that’s the most beautiful one.” Following the exhibitions in Liepāja, Ilze Freimane initiated exhibitions in the UPB “Wine Studio” on Elizabetes iela, and later in the establishment on Stabu iela as well. Nowadays it constitutes a significant contemporary art collection, representing active artists from various generations.

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