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|10. 08. 2016| UPB Annual Report 2015 





Within the International Energy Agency’s research project, the 50 most beautiful solar panel buildings have been chosen from all over the world and Naturum Vattenriket in Sweden is one of them. The purpose of selection and evaluation of this type of buildings is to inspire the industry to construct such buildings, to increase architects’ knowledge and interest in using solar energy in buildings, as well as to stress the importance of energy efficiency in buildings.

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"The Latvian economy has stayed too long in the transition period between the post-Soviet orientation and the new geopolitical situation,"


this opinion was expressed during an interview with DB by Uldis Pīlēns, the largest shareholder of UPB holding. He has always been characterised as a pragmatic strategist able to keep his finger on the pulse on all levels and fields of the rich holding — starting from art and vine culture to up-to-date scientific researches in energy. It seems that the moment has come when the company works like a Swiss watch and its founder looks for wider horizons and tries to calculate Latvia’s movement in the geopolitical space.

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UPB Holding, which became the Latvian winner of the prestigious “European Business Awards 2014/2015” (EBA) in the category “Import/Export”, continues its way through the European competition’s final stage where the company will be evaluated by in-depth information on the company and a special video presentation, which is also available on the “European Business Awards 2014/2015” webpage. Read more


| 13. 01. 2015 | Conquest of glass
20 years ago the architect bureau of Uldis Pīlēns concluded the first agreement on production of plastic windows, although the plant itself was not established yet. At present the Aile group, which is part of the holding, produces for export, creates new engineering solutions, and the production of mere plastic windows is left to yesterday. Read more


Double amount of export contracts and consolidated turnover reaching EUR 117 million — this is the last year’s balance of the industrial group of companies UPB. Read more

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